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The Room of MUndane THings

by Scarlet INside

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Sven B. Schreiber
Sven B. Schreiber thumbnail
Sven B. Schreiber In my opinion, this is Kevin Kennie's most impressing work so far. The haunting atmosphere of the songs really gives me shivers. This music is not for the faint-hearted! Favorite track: See How She Moves.
Danielle Miller
Danielle Miller thumbnail
Danielle Miller Beautifully crafted album, performed with passion. Favorite track: The Room of MUndane THings.
Steven C. Davis
Steven C. Davis thumbnail
Steven C. Davis Absolutely beautiful, a very poignant track. Favorite track: The Room of MUndane THings.


released January 8, 2018

Composed, performed and recorded by Kevin Kennie (Scarlet INside), except Poison signals; re arranged by and keys and backing recorded by Brian Johnstone, guitars and vocals Kevin Kennie.
special thanks to Drew McKinlay for the photography assistance with the album cover.
thanks to Pierre Minvielle for the hand made Fx pedals.


all rights reserved



Scarlet INside Glasgow, UK

Scarlet Inside are a multi-genre prog act.
we express a love of experimentation, using a variety of styles including world beats and rhythms, prog rock, beats and industrial crunches,minimalist lines, blues, jazz and synths all topped off with unusual lyrics and dark themes and
screaming rock lead breaks.
we also love to compose and record acoustic (+) and soundtrack music
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Track Name: SAlly LEarns
Scarlet INside
The Room of MUndane THings

Sally Learns


She puts her ear against the wall

Listens to every vibration, every sensation

Stamps her foot to make the world shake

Hear the tone, the note the music make


Push and pull, twang and bang

There’s nothing she can’t do better

With a twist, a bang and a beater

Draw the bow, 440 reverberate the new


What you can do, another you

Who resonates the view

With clash, crash and ding

Show them how you sing

Inter 1

Create the sound from silence

The harmony of the worlds

INter 2.

The perfection of a semitone

When it vibrates (right) down into the bone


Sally puts her ear against the wall

And hears a kind of music all her own

When Every waveform makes another sound

Sally learns to listen to the ground


She trembles with every tremor that she feels

Rippling breakers paint a world she can share

With touch and feel she makes another sound

Sally learns to listen to the ground
Track Name: The Room of MUndane THings
Scarlet INside

The Room of MUndane Things

The Room of MUndane THings

Lost in the Rubble, the TRouble, The scrubble

I wandered through valleys and alleys of shelves

Time tossed and senseless, what’s something’s now nothing

The things that we loved, now catalogued and left

Roaming the musty gloom, row after row

In silence forgotten, discarded and rotten

Geegaws and ornaments, bits and stuff

A broken china turtle dove

Helmets, pelmets, cats and hats

Oil on board, the fifth earl on a hunt

The broad jump bronze from 1908

Sepia photos torn, crumpled and burnt


Lost, tossed, hidden and found

Things Mundane in touch and sound

Caused by time to lose their tale

From dust to rust all fades to pale

Row upon row of unread books, no proof they were ever drafted

Sir robert Murdoch Struan’s 8 volume bloody tome, 40 years with rod, line and gun

Bells, buckles, bones, phones, pheromones, a pigstick spear unshafted

Old wheels juju and haha, a child in a jar undone

A demand from a lawyer, for a bill from a tailor

A lost love logged on perfumed pink paper

Tiger skin, ming vase, stone tools flint and bone

All lost in memory, want, left alone

Game birds, deer head, water buffalo horn

Celtic cross, monkey’s paw, a shrunken head hair shorne

Greenglaze, samain, skeletal homo sapien

Brass spittoon, cartoon. A finger of cousin damian

Yellowing paper, a cavalry sabre

The deeds to a long gone french farmhouse

Cassette tapes, some brown drapes, a stuffed bear, a low pair

A Poster of bruce lee, a decomposed mouse

An old china tea set with hand painted flowers

3 crystal bells and a t towel from rhyll

Chorus 2

In this Room of MUndane things

Where the walls are closing in

I could search to the edge, Year upon year

To find one honest tear

Roaming the musty gloom, shelf after shelf

In silence forgotten, discarded and rotten

What once was important and held so dear

The flotsam and jetsam of life, all lost and hidden here.

Lost in the rubble, the trouble, the scrubble

I wander through rooms, full of history’s songs

Goods and possessions, chattel and baggage

Lost in the dust of time nothing belongs

In this pile of Humdrum things

Our stories are lost in the gloom

A moment so precious, singular time

Hoarded and saved in this mundane room
Track Name: DEad PEople's THings for SAle
Scarlet INside

The Room of MUndane THings

DEad PEople’s THings for SAle


Coins jingle, tables groan, with weighty piles of things unknown

Cries of ‘Welcome’! A call to arms. Bangles, beads and bloody charms

Waste not want not, who’s to lose? When we drift upon that last silent cruise

Conscience hidden, a likely tale. When it’s time for dead people’s things for sale


Such a loss, such a loss. Everything gone on a simple coin toss

Nothing left but rags and bags, a whole life story, told in dross

Good as new, old as sin, taken and sorted on rack and bale

Bargains bought, good causes sought, when it’s time for dead people’s things for sale


Dead people’s things for sale

Dead people’s things for sale

Anything we’ve got from diamond to cotton

Everything must go, a life forgotten


The things we bought, we loved, we cherished

The things we lived for till we perished

The perfect gift that meant so much

A memory lost, beyond our touch
Track Name: POison Signals
Scarlet INside
The Room of MUndane THings

POison Signals


Distant Signals, Poison Air
I think that you can hear me now
Dreaming Waveforms, Blood and Steel
I'm sure that you can hear me now

Water to fire
I want you to hear me now
Listen to the moving pulse
I think that you can hear me now....

Craving the voice, Breeding the noise

Breeding the noise, Needing the voice

Distant noises, creeping close
I wish that you could hear it now
Burning through your willing skin
I hope that you can feel it now

2nd Chorus

Whispering like BLissful hiss
I hope that you can hear me now
Message formed, the Scarlet Kiss
I think that you can hear me now

3rd chorus

Craving the voice Needing the noise
Slaving the voice Breeding the noise
Losing the voice Hearing the noise

Distant signals Poison air................
Track Name: See How She Moves
Scarlet INside.

The Room of Mundane things

See how she moves


AS the Sun Blushes to hide it’s drowsy face

Behind a blanket of flowering clouds

And the moons fresh candle starts to shine

In the shading blue sky

The water shimmers and burns

Like a home fire in my memory

See how she flies on the star-speckled mirror


Coming home at last

She turns into the wind

The glowing jewels of harbour

Are treasures to her soul

Journey over, fear and sorrow gone

She throws ashore her lines

And rests her weary body

Soft against those she loves


Too too many years

She’s run against the storm

Too too many miles

She’s drifted from her home

Carving through deep waters

She’s fought with every foe

Striving to the windward tack

To return her to my course

See how she moves in the wind

See how she moves in the wind
Track Name: I HAve Not
Scarlet INside

The Room of MUndane THings

I HAve Not


I have not got the time or the patience.

To listen to you

I have not got the will or inclination

To hear you

I have not got any interest

In what you want

I will do what I will

When i choose to

Mahna No Varua Ino


I am the sound and the light

I am divine right


I am what I do not say I am to you

Fade and shadow

I can tell you what i think i am

To blind you

I have words, oh the best of words

To use you

I have got no inner voice to guide me

Unless it suits me

Mahna No Varua Ino


I am the sound and the fury

I am the judge and the jury

Pt 2
The dream

Mahna no varua ino

I am a dream of myself

High above, Iolair, i fly

Iolair, i fly

Mahna No Varua Ino
Track Name: PUzh
Scarlet INside

The Room of MUndane THings



Round and round and round she goes

Up and through the where who knows

By and by the grinding chain

To and fro and back again


Slip and slide the clockwork dream

Link and glide on string and beam

Wheel and cog on flywheel flow

Back again and to and fro


On her knees she prays for time

In her eyes machine and line

Turn the handle, gear the train

Fro and sway and valve retain


Round and round and round she goes

Free and easy, where it shows

Wire and steel, the perfect feel

Feeding from the wheel in wheel

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