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DEad PEople's THings for SAle

from by Scarlet INside



this sing is about how we offload what were once our precious and personal objects to charity shops and antique shops. in one way they could be described as places with Dead people's things for sale, where they become no more than Mundane things whose true story is lost.
the central section is an experiment of sounds, noises, things, happenings and experiences which could define our lives blended together to tell a new story


Scarlet INside

The Room of MUndane THings

DEad PEople’s THings for SAle


Coins jingle, tables groan, with weighty piles of things unknown

Cries of ‘Welcome’! A call to arms. Bangles, beads and bloody charms

Waste not want not, who’s to lose? When we drift upon that last silent cruise

Conscience hidden, a likely tale. When it’s time for dead people’s things for sale


Such a loss, such a loss. Everything gone on a simple coin toss

Nothing left but rags and bags, a whole life story, told in dross

Good as new, old as sin, taken and sorted on rack and bale

Bargains bought, good causes sought, when it’s time for dead people’s things for sale


Dead people’s things for sale

Dead people’s things for sale

Anything we’ve got from diamond to cotton

Everything must go, a life forgotten


The things we bought, we loved, we cherished

The things we lived for till we perished

The perfect gift that meant so much

A memory lost, beyond our touch


from The Room of MUndane THings, released January 8, 2018


all rights reserved



Scarlet INside Glasgow, UK

Scarlet Inside are a multi-genre prog act.
we express a love of experimentation, using a variety of styles including world beats and rhythms, prog rock, beats and industrial crunches,minimalist lines, blues, jazz and synths all topped off with unusual lyrics and dark themes and
screaming rock lead breaks.
we also love to compose and record acoustic (+) and soundtrack music
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