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The CAbinet of MUndane THings

by Scarlet INside

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Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber The title of this EP, "The CAbinet of MUndane THings", already suggests it: This is a collection of outtakes from "The Room of MUndane THings". But don't you worry - it's clearly not a pile of garbage that didn't pass the release quality control. On the contrary - it's some valuable 32 minutes of additional top notch material that just didn't fit into the album, which is - with a total running time of more than 100 minutes - well beyond a usual full-length release. On those four supplemental tracks, Kevin Kennie demonstrates once more his very own vision of mesmerizing songwriting, meandering seamlessly without a tight structure through time, sometimes close to disintegration, but actually never falling apart in the end. Don't listen to this EP while in a hurry. You need some peace of mind to fully enjoy Kevin Kennie's music. Favorite track: FOrce to FOre.


this EP is a collection of tracks prepared for the recent release of the album The Room of MUndane Things.
the original album was in the end too long to include anymore tracks, so they are being released here as a bonus, addition to the album


released June 21, 2018


all rights reserved



Scarlet INside Glasgow, UK

Scarlet Inside are a multi-genre prog act.
we express a love of experimentation, using a variety of styles including world beats and rhythms, prog rock, beats and industrial crunches,minimalist lines, blues, jazz and synths all topped off with unusual lyrics and dark themes and
screaming rock lead breaks.
we also love to compose and record acoustic (+) and soundtrack music
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Track Name: BUild to BUrn
Scarlet INside

The CAbinet of MUndane THings

BUild to BUrn

This time, we’ll live to learn

This time we’ll stand to turn

This time we’ll want to yearn

This time, we’ll build to burn


This time, we’ll raise the flame

This time we’ll break the quern

When tomorrow comes, we will not hide

This time, we’ll build to burn


This time, we wait our turn

This time, we build to burn


One more chance to love the golden time

One more chance to learn the perfect rhyme

One last day to make it right

One last life, to reach the light


We’ll take the stone to split the wood

This time, we’ll try again

We’ll live the only life we should

This time we’ll build to burn


This time, we’ll build a home

Bury the wolf when he journey’s done

This time we’ll carve our names

This time we’ll build to burn

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